Our Nurseries

Our objective is to assist every child develop by providing a happy, stimulating, but healthy secure environment, where assisted by peer presence, children rapidly gain confidence, knowledge and ability.


Sunhill use a variety of properties both old and new, one of which is listed. The average size of nursery is circa 80 places; large enough to carry a full complement of staff, including managers, assistants and deputies but not so large that they are impersonal. We believe in creating a homely environment for young children, so you will find exposed beams, and interesting characteristics in older buildings and Victorian gardens, through to modern high-tech architecture using state-of-the-art low carbon footprint. All meet current building, fire, health & hygiene and where appropriate, energy conservation regulations. Each nursery is properly equipped for small children, with safe changing areas, and low-level toilets and washbasins, and in later premises child-friendly automatic taps. All have semi-professional kitchens approved and inspected regularly by the Public Health and Hygiene Departments.

Outside Play Areas

Sunhill nurseries have secure fully fenced play areas, which are used on most days of the year.

There is usually a hard and soft surface area; the former is used for bikes and ride-on toys, and the latter for swings, climbing and other suitable physical recreation equipment. This is normally a grassed area within the nursery grounds; in urban areas nearby public parks may be used.

Babies & Toddlers

Our baby and toddler units are comprehensively equipped for the needs of the very young, usually with secure, separate internal and external areas, where under constant supervision they can gain plenty of fresh air, and exercise when they become more mobile.

Pre-school Children

Sunhill Nurseries all accept pre-school aged children and provide a wide range of learning activities which develop the mind, body and personality in a safe, secure and caring environment.  We actively support children to achieve ‘school readiness’ in preparation for the next stage of their education.

Free Nursery Places

All Sunhill Nurseries will be offering 30 hours government funded Free childcare subject to availability of places at each nursery location.

All of our nurseries offer government funded free places for all three years olds (currently 15 hours per week during school term or 11 hours over 50 weeks) for further information go to www.childcare-support.tax.service.gov.uk . We also have free places for two year old’s where parent’s personal circumstances meet the critieria. Due to demand free places are subject to availability, and allocated strictly on a first come basis. Please check availability with our nurseries, alternatively register online for a free nursery on our Applications page, your chosen hours of attendance is however subject to confirmation. You may also download a hardcopy of the application form which includes information on eleigibility here. Free-Nursery-Place-Information-Application to complete and take or email to your chosen nursery.

About Montessori

Sunhill has four Montessori Nurseries, two in Cambridgeshire and two in Hertfordshire, and are committed to further development of the Montessori approach to Early Years Education.

Maria Montessori was born in the town of Chiaravalle in the province of Ancona, Italy,
on 31 August 1870. In 1896 when she was 26 years old she became one of the first two
women in Italy to earn the degree of Doctor of Medicine. She was appointed

Assistant Doctor at the Psychiatric Clinic in the University of Rome where she worked with children whom suffered learning difficulties and it was during this period that Montessori became interested in their education. During her research Maria Montessori discovered that not only did her teaching methods help these children but was also beneficial to ‘normal’ children and also aided in their development.

Maria Montessori recognised the child’s need for independence and for learning from real experiences of their environment in order to develop both physically and intellectually. She acknowledged the need for mental and physical energies to be working together to support the development of the whole child. The materials Montessori teachers use in classrooms gradually build the child’s knowledge and understanding of their environment through exploration, repetition and manipulation/discovery. Observation provides an insight into the psyche of the child and this guides us to designing individual activities for them, remaining faithful to the legacy of ‘following the child’.


Sunhill nurseries are open 11 hours a day (7:30 am – 6:30 pm), every working day of the year, except between Christmas and the New Year. They are open throughout school holidays; and subject to availability, holiday places can be provided for children to the age of eight.


Due to local economic conditions affecting nursery overheads, our fees vary at different locations. For fee information for your area go to our Location & Fees page, and click the link of the nursery you are interested in your child attending. There you will find further details and a calculator to enable you to work out exact fees for your choosen attendance. Sunhill also offers flexible attendance times, if due to your job or other circumstances, you need childcare during hours which do not fit our standard sessions, please call or e-mail the nursery or our Support Services indicating the nursery location and attendance you require.  (See contact details). Sibling and loyalty discounts are also available, please request details at your nursery.

Tax free childcare & Salary Sacrifice

Sunhill is registered to accept payment by under the goverment’s Tax Free childcare scheme; it also operates direct payment schemes for companies and other large organisations, whereby the employer contracts directly with Sunhill to pay for childcare on behalf of their employees. This scheme is becoming more popular with parents and employers because it offers cost advantages over voucher schemes.

If you are applying for a new nursery place and intend to pay for part or all of your childcare using the Tax Free Childcare Scheme, please go to www.childcare-support.tax.service.gov.uk to register and obtain the necessary code.

Corporate and other special fee arrangements
These apply to organisations that have negotiated special terms with us, including corporate users; Public Utilities, NHS, Police, Fire and Ambulance, Armed Forces, Local and National Government. Please check with our Support Service whether this applies to yours organsiation or company, if not will gladly review this.

Out of School and Holiday Club

All Sunhill nurseries offer the above facilities but they may vary at different locations depending on demand, places and local resources, e.g. some urban nurseries are better able to provide school pick-up than rural sites. Please go to Locations & Fees page to contact individual nurseries for details.

Our Commitment

Sunhill Daycare prides itself in providing affordable high quality childcare, flexible sessions to meet parent needs together with a high level of customer service. If you believe another childcare provider is offering more or the same for less, we will gladly review this with you.

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    Sunhill’s nurseries provide a happy, caring and secure environment for children aged from 3 months, where assisted by professional carers, teachers and peer presence, children rapidly gain confidence, knowledge and ability.

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