Terms & Conditions

(Effective from May 2020)

Sunhill works in partnership with parents to provide the best possible quality childcare and early learning. To comply with legislation and provide such services, it is necessary to impose certain operating parameters represented by the following Terms and Conditions which we endeavour to ensure are fair and reasonable. The terms ‘Sunhill Daycare’, ‘Sunhill’, ‘the nursery‘, ‘we’, ‘our’ and ‘us’ all refer to Sunhill Daycare (Europe) Limited. The terms ‘you’ and ‘your’ refer to parents, guardians and all others. Words imparting the singular also include the plural and vice versa.

Attendance Hours
Our nurseries are open from 07:30am to 6.30pm, Monday to Friday, throughout the year, closing only on bank holidays, and between Christmas and New Year. Normally one months’ notice in writing is required to change hours or sessions. Agreed sessions times must be adhered to, however parents may bring and collect children at any time within their session, but may not exceed the session time except in an emergency. Additional time is chargeable by the hour. Due to operational reasons, we reserve the right to alter funded only, session attendance days/times of less than 2 full days and shift pattern attendance where offered. Where possible voluntary changes will be sought, and one month’s notice given.

A non-refundable £75 administration fee is payable with your application to register a nursery place. Sibling registration fee is reduced to £25. Nursery fees are payable monthly in advance by direct debit and/or nursery vouchers or Tax Free childcare (TFC). Your first month’s fee is due the month before your child commences nursery. You will receive an invoice prior to this confirming your first month’s fees. If starting nursery within one month, in addition to your completed direct debit form and registration fee, payment of your first month’s nursery fee is also required. This can be paid by ebanking transfer (you can find our bank details at: https://www.sunhilldaycare.com/links-downloads), you may also pay by credit/debit card or PayPal via our website at: http://applications.sunhilldaycare.com/payment . Please ensure you use your unique payment reference provided with your application confirmation. We can also accept telephone credit/debit card payments at Support Services on: 01763 247474.  Following which please call your chosen nursery to ensure they have received your online registration information, and to arrange settling-in sessions.

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Nursery fees are invoiced and payable monthly in advance by direct debit. Payment is due on the last working day of the month by 12pm. Fees are normally reviewed annually and one month’s notice is normally given of changes.  Fees are payable during closure for public holidays, but if part time attendance (less than 2 sessions per week) coincides with public holidays, alternative equivalent sessions may be taken in lieu by prior arrangement- subject to availability, (not applicable to fully funded children). Fees commence from your notified ‘Start Date’ unless a reserved place is cancelled or amended at least one month in advance. Except for same month starts, all fees are payable monthly in advance by direct debit on the last working day of the month. Adjustments due to session changes (increases or decreases) are advised by invoice the following month. We reserve the right to make a late payment charge of £12 where fees are unpaid after the date that they are due. A second late payment fee of £12 will be added if fees remain outstanding after a week after this date. Nursery places may be suspended or cancelled if fees remain unpaid after the month in which they are due. Fees which remain outstanding after the month in which due, may be passed to solicitors or debt collection agents. Sunhill Daycare reserves the right to adjust fees with prior notice should factors outside our control directly affect nursery-operating costs including government legislation. An additional 2.5% interest will also be charged for each day thereafter on fees unpaid by the end of month due, including direct debits cancelled without notification. To cover our costs incurred, a 2.5% surcharge will also be applied on all fees paid other than by direct debit, TFC or vouchers.

Payment by Nursery Voucher or Tax Free Childcare
Please ensure voucher payments correctly referenced to your account using your unique reference, including child and nursery name. Voucher and TFC remittance advices must be received at payments@sunhilldaycare.com by the 1st day of the month in order to ensure that it will be applied to your account prior to our direct debit collection on 15th of the month. Any voucher remittance received after our monthly cut-off date will be credited to your account for the following month.

To retain a place, full fees are payable during absence due to holidays or sickness for the first two weeks reducing to half fees for the subsequent weeks up to one month. If holidays or sickness last longer than this and the place is still required, this is subject to negotiation. Should a child have to be sent home due to sickness or other reasons beyond the control of the nursery, fees remain payable.

Temporary closure

Closure due to weather conditions or any other situation beyond our control, affecting our ability to provide safe childcare, including government enforced closure, during a period not exceeding the current calendar month, invoiced fees remain payable.

Termination and Cancellation
One calendar month’s written notice is required to terminate a nursery place, and this agreement or payment of one month’s nursery fees in lieu. If a nursery place is cancelled prematurely fees will not normally be refunded unless due to circumstances beyond your control, e.g. redundancy for which documentary evidence is required. Any such refunds (partial or in full) are at the sole discretion of Sunhill Daycare.

Collection by others
If another person is to collect your child, please always inform us immediately in person. If you need to call us to arrange, we will need identification (password). Our staff have instructions not to release children, other than to known persons, without authority and identification. If you have any difficulty collecting your child, we will endeavour to assist. Sunhill Daycare cannot accept responsibility for lack of, or inadequate notification of changes to collection arrangements.

Late collection
Our nurseries must maintain correct staff ratios, therefore adherence to agreed arrival and collection times is essential. We understand that travelling conditions can occasionally delay parents, if you believe you may be more than 15 minutes late, please inform your nursery immediately. Unless caused by extenuating circumstances, another hour is normally charged for late collection exceeding 15 minutes.

Parent staff relations
Our nursery staff are required to maintain a professional relationship with parents whose children they care for. We do not encourage their employment for out-of-hours childcare. Nor do we recommend befriending staff members on social networking sites. This is strictly forbidden in staff employment contracts.

Employment of nursery staff
Our managers are happy to advise on recruitment, however if offering employment to a Sunhill staff member, at least three months’ notice is required to terminate an existing nursery place, and to enable staff replacement. Employment of any member of Sunhill staff by a parent whose child currently attends or previously attended one of our nurseries, will incur a fee equivalent to 10% of the staff member’s annual salary. We recommend that parents wishing to employ a child minder or nanny use our associate company: www.paranannies.com.

Sunhill Daycare has measures in place to ensure the security of children, parents and staff using our nurseries, including CCTV and entry control. It is the responsibility of parents to ensure security information, including entry codes and passwords is not compromised. Please inform nursery management immediately if any breach of security is suspected.

Modification of Terms & Conditions
Sunhill Daycare (Europe) limited reserves the sole right to amend its Terms & Conditions at any time, to comply with revised fiscal, legislative or operating requirements. Such changes will be notified in writing to parents, and will supersede all preceding Terms & Conditions issued by the company.

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